Monday, December 20, 2010

Out Now: The Connoisseurs & Other Tales [The Art Of Spanking #1] By Don Winslow

Sizzler is proud to bring you the first book in the Art of Spanking Series by our bestselling Don Winslow: The Connoisseurs & Other Tales!

Rosy cheeks. blistered bottoms, firm manly hands, and connoisseurs of the art of spanking populate this enthralling collection from bestselling author Don Winslow. Included are such irresistable stories as The Connoisseurs, A Woman of Substance, Amelia Brings her Pet to Work, Entertainment for a Rainy Afternoon, Travels with Aunt Leigh, The Taking of Pamela Harris, Candace is Taken for a Ride, and Wednesday with Wendy. "In women the buttocks takes the shape of delectable curves, an irresistible appeal to the hand.  To spank is not to beat.  It is to caress and violate at the same time. I know of nothing more magnificent than buttocks that buck under the hand, stiffen, then beg the next blow.  They give themselves and rebel in same motion…" -Eva Lindt ( Jean-Pierre Enard). Art: Don Winslow 

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