Monday, November 8, 2010

Out Now: Mooning The Suns: 3 Short Novels Of Male-Male Romance By Kiernan Kelly

If you like your gay romances hot, wonderfully written, and imaginative then look no further than Kiernan Kelly's new collection of three short novels: Mooning The Suns.

Kiernan Kelly's male-male romances are "loving and gentle ... burning hot ... quirky and refreshing..." raves Romance Junkies. And here are three ultrahot novellas of science fiction and fantasy showcasing Kiernan Kelly at her best.  In the title story, starmen K'yn and Gunner have to keep two jumps ahead of some blood thirsty Barunians, who want the money back they lost to K'yn in a game of chance. That would be hard enough even if K'yn an Gunner weren't stuck with a rusted scow of a spaceship, but it's even harder because they can't keep their hands off each other long enough to fly the ship. Then in "A Dog's Life" an alien discovers he loves humanity, especially sexy Bob, more than his own kind, and blows up his people's the invasion force. When assassins are sent to Earth, he must go on the run, in four footed form, with Bob, which puts a crimp in their relationship - or does it?  Finally, a young man has a very magical, and very carnal, encounter in a museum late one night, with a man who couldn't possibly exist in our time, a man with strange jade ring that was never made to fit his finger. Find out why Literary Nymphs says Kiernan Kelly's work is "Passionate and at times heartbreaking..." and why Romance Reviews Today hails it as "terribly good ... will take readers on an emotional and turbulent ride." Cover: Jade

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