Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why I Write About Femme Doms

Here's a wonderful treat: an essay from Sizzler's best-selling author of Impressed and Education of a Dominatrix: K. L Melvany!

Why I Write About Femme Doms
K. L. Melvany

I had never thought carefully about why I write what I write when I write B & D tales of female dominance until I was asked by this blog whereupon it became clear there were quite a number of reasons, salient among them the ego gratification that comes with being published.

All mentally functioning humans have fantasies.  Here we’re speaking of sexual fantasies, and everyone has those, too, thus the subject matter is at hand (no pun intended) with no research required.  People write to provide information or pleasure.  Though information can be pleasurable, and pleasure informative, giving information is easy, if one has it; giving pleasure is a whole other matter.

It is logical to assume if I enjoy my fantasies which I do, some others may as well, but to effectively transmit a fantasy demands careful thinking.  The characters may be sometimes naked, but the fantasy must be always clothed with sets, furniture, props, costumes, makeup, and of course, dialogue.   It’s an entire production that must be conceived and packaged into black marks on white ground for transmittal to another mind.

I make certain assumptions based on no evidence whatsoever about my readers: readers of any sort of erotica are predominantly men, of which it seems from the number of titles available, the overwhelming majority are interested in women being subjugated.  This is not my trip, so it is the minds of that minute segment of readership that remains to which I attempt to cater.  I’ve not been sexually subjugated, but fantasies have advantages over reality; not only may actions unlikely in real life occur, but settings and costumes can be opulent at no cost.

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