Friday, October 29, 2010

Out Now: A Week’s Work By Theda Hudson

Sizzler is extra-pleased and extra-proud to announce the publication of Theda Hudson's brand new erotic romance A Week’s Work.  Check out this fantastic book - you will not be disappointed!

The Secret Romance of a Call Girl! Gil Gamesh, the bad boy CEO of Erek Industries, a front runner in the alternative energy movement, wants Jade Scarlett, a high-priced courtesan, to do him a favor and he’s willing to blackmail her clients to get it. The job?  Seduce NK Dieux, a green activist fresh out of the mountains to east intent on forcing Gil to play clean, and convince him to quit suing Erek Industries.  Jade prefers her men sophisticated and her play kinky, but NK’s earthy nature appeals to her and she finds she can’t get enough of his animal magnetism and raw, innocent sexiness.  When she falls for him - a sin and a total no no for a courtesan with a full client list and busy calendar - she’ll have to confess why she’s there and hope she can find a way to have NK, revenge on Gil, and a clean conscience where the environment is concerned. The epic of Gilgamesh and the taming of Enkidu turns Steamy!

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