Friday, October 29, 2010

Out Now: Times Square Cutie By Mykola Dementiuk

Sizzler is proud to announce a new book by the award-winning author, and really nice guy, Mykola (Mick) Dementiuk: Times Square Cutie.  We highly recommend this title and this fantastic writer!

Lambda Award winner for Best Bisexual Fiction's masterpiece of Bi-Noir! Bad boy Billy is a cutie – and he loves it. Women and men want him – and he wants them. In fact, Billy's gender is a bit fluid too. He's a boy when he's with his lover Rebecca; and a girl when crossdressed in the arms of a hunky man. Truth is Billy's so hot – he's to die for. And before tonight is over, several will. A chance meeting with Rebecca leads to not-so-bright Billy agreeing to help her steal money from her rich older lover. Discovering his dead body, the two make away with his money. Possession of all that money makes Billy horny and he begins to make love to Rebecca. But as they finish, two of Billy's less savory male friends come by and soon Billy and Rebecca switch partners, each going off with one of the men. When Billy's two friends discover his ill-gotten loot, it leads to a moment of horrific violence. And only one will walk away to tell the tale. An unforgettable novella from the author of Holy Communion, Times Queer, and Variety: The Spice of Life. Cover art: Jade.

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