Saturday, October 30, 2010

Out Now: Strangely Made - Dark Fantasy Erotica By Jason Rubis

We simply can't say enough good things about Jason Rubis: not only is he a master wordsmith but he can write sexually charged stories like no other!  If you like your erotica gloriously hot then check out his brand new book: Strangely Made - Dark Fantasy Erotica!

Fetish fantastique! Dark sexuality from the midnight land of our most lurid thoughtsl. Vampires, dominatrixes, ogres, princesses, and others find ways of inflicting pain, or having pain inflicted on them in this startling collection of erotica from the pages of Garden of the Perverse, Needles and Bones, Fetish Fantastic, Like Crimson Droplets, The Best Fantastic Erotica, and other publications. As the author writes, "I can't explain any of these stories. The people you'll meet in these pages – whores and androgynies, vampires and beastfolk and various combinations of the above – are voices I heard in the shadows, but the darkest of those shadows I cast myself." No wonder editor and critic M. Christian raves, "Jason Rubis is a writer to be admired, a writer who does everything – from plot to dialogue, description to sensuality, sophistication of emotion to wit – with tremendous skill." M. Christian. Art: Brandy Everett 

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