Friday, October 29, 2010

Out Now: Shop Stud & Other Tales Of Gay Male Lust By Laura Antoniou (Writing As Christopher Morgan)

If you talk about gay erotica you have to talk about the groundbreaking work of Laura Antoniou.  Here is Laura at her finest with a hard-hitting and sexually-charged collection of wonderful queer erotica: Shop Stud & Other Tales Of Gay Male Lust!

Short stories best suited for one-handed reading. Here's a collection of stories, drawn from a wide range of gay male publications, ranging from rough and ready tales of manly brutality to vignettes of homage to the masculine body. Christopher Morgan, the well-known author of some of the hottest male-male erotica ever to grace the pages of a 'zine or anthology, comes out of the closet at last! Christopher is really Laura Antoniou, author of the very popular Marketplace series of erotic novels and editor of the Leatherwomen anthologies. The author says, "I wrote them thinking of men at work and at rest – for powerful masters of destiny and eager bottom-boys who were desperate to be taken. I wrote them for magazines, under another name, because that's the business I work in. Now, they can be recognized as mine, gathered together, my own collection of hot men and their adventures." 

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