Saturday, October 30, 2010

Out Now: Hollywood Nights - Erotic Romance By Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Sizzler is extremely proud to announce the publication of Hollywood Nights: Erotic Romance By Marilyn Jaye Lewis.  Marilyn, a true luminary in the world of brilliantly-written and extraordinarily hot erotica, shines in this new sexually-charged romance!

Handsome Evan Crane is Hollywood's hottest A-list star, out to prove he's more than just a pretty face. Dorianne Constance, top writer for Babylon movie magazine could be just the woman to help him prove it. The moment they met they both felt the heat of uncontrollable passion. Their's was a perfect melding of mind, hearts and bodies. Neither felt they could ever get enough of the other. But soon Dorianne's feet hit the ground with a loud thump. She realized she was merely a writer in love with Hollywood's most gorgeous and lusted after hunk. Every woman wanted him. And he wanted his career. Where was there room for her in this picture? Did she dare try to claim his love for herself alone? Another engrossing novel of passion that defies all taboos, from the award winning author of New Orleans Nights. Cover: Laura Givens

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