Friday, October 29, 2010

Out Now: Dirty Filthy Lovely - Dark Erotica By Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Here's a very special treat for connoisseurs of erotica: a brand new collection by a true luminary, Marilyn Jaye Lewis!  You will not be disappointed by Dirty Filthy Lovely!

Visit the darker side of the sexual psyche of this award winning author of erotica! Many of the stories in this collection, the author says "are about working out my psychological-sexual identity ... brief visits to the darker side of my psyche: "Asleep in the Dream of Life" is a story about a young woman's detached obsession with rape fantasies; "'Til Death" paints a lonely picture of a woman facing the onset of middle-age after her husband has been executed for murder; "Ribbon of Darkness" is about a young woman's search for her biological father and how her obsession with him parallels her BDSM binges; even the underlying rape elements of "Necessary to her Good", where the young woman,  Elisa, agrees to participate willingly in a staged gang rape to not only please her lover but also to satisfy her curious and terrifying longings is – while also a love story – indeed a darker look at pleasure. Not all the stories collected here reflect my demons, though.  Some of the stories are actually playful ("The Epicures"), or just plain erotic for the sake of being erotic ("After Hours"), but as has been my conviction since my career as a storyteller began, I have tried to tell engaging stories above all else.  In that, I sincerely hope I have succeeded." Smashwords raves that Marilyn Jaye Lewis' "characters are memorable, their struggles believable, and their interactions [hold] interest until the very end." Cover art: Joel Wideman 

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