Thursday, October 28, 2010

Characters and Plots By David Jewell

Here's a wonderful, and very informative, article by Sizzler's David Jewell - author of many best sellers like Poppy's Punishment, Sun And Submission Enslaving Mr. Right, and The Enslavement Of Dallas.

Characters and Plots
David Jewell 

When my publisher Jean Marie Stine asked me to write about how I come up with my characters and plots, I thought it would it be simple to explain.  But it turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought.

There were a lot of things happening that I just never sat down to think about.

First of all, I love to write.  I am passionate about writing.  My mind is always whirling with ideas.  I do a lot thinking about story lines while I take long walks.  It is usually during these times that ideas for characters and twists to plots begin to emerge into my consciousness.  It is interesting as to how ideas just pop into my mind.  It is very cool when I finally decide on the basic plot and characters for my next book.

I love watching people.  I guess it?s a carryover from police work.  People are fascinating to watch.  I look for interesting body features, facial expressions, personalities and other things that are out of the ordinary or are extraordinary.  I will weave these traits into the descriptions and personality of my characters.  I often recall interesting people from my work on the streets and will use them as a basis for my characters as well.  So I find myself always watching for something new that I can incorporate into my characters.

I love talking to people and discovering what makes them tick.  There are some very interesting people out there with interesting lives and experiences.  By listening to them, I have a lot of a raw material to draw on for the development of my characters and making them unique and interesting.

I try and make my characters real with real needs and desires.  With a degree in counseling, I tend to get into the mind of the character.  I find that to be fascinating and motivational as I write.  I want my characters to be believable, to have emotions and struggles as they learn about themselves.  I try to put myself in their shoes so I can describe what is going on inside of them.  How do I do that.  I go where the action is and experiment.  For me, there is no substitute for real life experiences and learning from others in the alternative lifestyle of bdsm.  You might just as well have fun doing your research.  In addition, I just listen to people as they describe their life experiences - the good, the bad, the unusual and the exciting.

It is all good material that I can use.  In this way, I can mix the traits of several people together and made one unique character that will give life to the story and suit my needs as to developing and moving the plot along.

Plots are always fun to come up with and develop.  I usually find one by keeping my ears and eyes as to what is going on around me.  There is all kind of drama being played out in the malls, at restaurants and social gatherings.  I see the spoiled wife interacting with her husband, the exhibitionist liking the attention her body can get her, the meek man afraid to go after what he longs for, the confident man getting exactly what he wants, the stress between couples and the loving relationships.  Then I wonder what would the husband really want to do with his spoiled wife?   What is the exhibitionist really looking for--love, or an escape from boredom?  What is that meek man so afraid of going after?  What is the confident trying to prove?  How could that couple reduce their stress?  How will that loving couple keep it hot and fulfilling?  The plots are there.  The key for me is find a twist that will engage the reader as these people go about searching for what they want or think they want.  Is that spoiled wife asking to be disciplined as she tests the patience of her husband?  Is that exhibitionist afraid of commitment or needing firm direction as to boundaries?  Is the meek man really a sexual tiger waiting to pounce on devour it prey?  Does that loving couple need some kink in their life.  I think of the needs of these ordinary people and how to satisfy them in ways that are anything but ordinary.  And so the plot thickens.

As I begin, I have some thoughts as to where I want to the story to go.  That is I can see my desired outcome of the story.  Now the fun part begins.  I add my imagination to the mix.  As I allow my characters to express their own personalities, I let them help me tell the story.  As a result, twists and unexpected turns show up as these characters reflect their unique personalities and desires within.  Hopefully, my readers enjoyed my stories as much as I enjoy creating them.

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