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Out Now: Strangely Made - Dark Fantasy Erotica By Jason Rubis

We simply can't say enough good things about Jason Rubis: not only is he a master wordsmith but he can write sexually charged stories like no other!  If you like your erotica gloriously hot then check out his brand new book: Strangely Made - Dark Fantasy Erotica!

Fetish fantastique! Dark sexuality from the midnight land of our most lurid thoughtsl. Vampires, dominatrixes, ogres, princesses, and others find ways of inflicting pain, or having pain inflicted on them in this startling collection of erotica from the pages of Garden of the Perverse, Needles and Bones, Fetish Fantastic, Like Crimson Droplets, The Best Fantastic Erotica, and other publications. As the author writes, "I can't explain any of these stories. The people you'll meet in these pages – whores and androgynies, vampires and beastfolk and various combinations of the above – are voices I heard in the shadows, but the darkest of those shadows I cast myself." No wonder editor and critic M. Christian raves, "Jason Rubis is a writer to be admired, a writer who does everything – from plot to dialogue, description to sensuality, sophistication of emotion to wit – with tremendous skill." M. Christian. Art: Brandy Everett 

Out Now: Hollywood Nights - Erotic Romance By Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Sizzler is extremely proud to announce the publication of Hollywood Nights: Erotic Romance By Marilyn Jaye Lewis.  Marilyn, a true luminary in the world of brilliantly-written and extraordinarily hot erotica, shines in this new sexually-charged romance!

Handsome Evan Crane is Hollywood's hottest A-list star, out to prove he's more than just a pretty face. Dorianne Constance, top writer for Babylon movie magazine could be just the woman to help him prove it. The moment they met they both felt the heat of uncontrollable passion. Their's was a perfect melding of mind, hearts and bodies. Neither felt they could ever get enough of the other. But soon Dorianne's feet hit the ground with a loud thump. She realized she was merely a writer in love with Hollywood's most gorgeous and lusted after hunk. Every woman wanted him. And he wanted his career. Where was there room for her in this picture? Did she dare try to claim his love for herself alone? Another engrossing novel of passion that defies all taboos, from the award winning author of New Orleans Nights. Cover: Laura Givens

Out Now: Making Her Pay & Other Tales of Discipline Applied by Jay Lawrence

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce the release of a brand-new collection by the best-selling Jay Lawrence: Making Her Pay & Other Tales of Discipline Applied!

Jay Lawrence is one of the reigning masters at creating captivating tales of bondage and submission. Her novels and collections, Slave of Fortune, Miss Frobisher Bends Over, Shadow of the Master, Ensnaring Susan, and others, have earned her a unique reputation for quality and style. In this giant new collection, she has gathered together more than a dozen stories previously published as electronic chapbooks, as well as two new Bonus Stories, written especially for this volume, the title story and At Dead of Night. In this heaping helping of Jay Lawrence's blistering tales of discipline applied, you will find such unforgettable stories as Making Her Pay, My Bare-Bottom Whipping, Well Reddened, Girls, Thigh Boots and Whips, Spank Me!, Collared, Your Slut, Over His Knees, and many more. Cover art t. L. Balmer.

Out Now: Lez Trap By Bo Bleu

Sizzler is very pleased to announce the publication of a brand-new book by one of our star writers, Bo Bleu: Lez Trap!

Daphne doesn't know she is a lesbian when she leaves for a South American vacation. Nor does she know she is headed for a lez trap. Discovering she is a lesbian unwittingly leads Daphne and her lover straight into the trap. Soon Daphnie is on the run from crime lords and cops. But Daphne has a secret protector she doesn't even dream of. Cover art: Jade 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Out Now: Fetish Worship - Erotica By Billierosie

Sizzler is extremely pleased and proud to announce the release of Fetish Worship: Erotica By BillierosieThis delightfully hot and kinky book has everything for everybody, written by a wonderful author with a true ear for sensual prose!

The stories in this startling collection grew out of the author's fascination with fetish. For instance, the obsession that some folk have for feet. A different object might do it for someone else, as with the woman in "La Petite Danseuse." There's a woman being gently pointed in the direction of slavery by a wise boyfriend. There are knowing Mistresses and their willing male submissives. There's a strong, gorgeous man going slowly crazy with his need to be a Mommy's boy. A woman on the receiving end of a dirty phone call takes control. You'll also find exhibitionists and voyeurs, plus the humorous result of a Halloween prank. Finally there's a retelling of an ancient Greek myth centered around a very special bull. The author says, "My understanding has deepened through writing these stories. I've talked to people who have had their lives changed for the better, when they have finally embraced their fetish." 

Out Now: A Week’s Work By Theda Hudson

Sizzler is extra-pleased and extra-proud to announce the publication of Theda Hudson's brand new erotic romance A Week’s Work.  Check out this fantastic book - you will not be disappointed!

The Secret Romance of a Call Girl! Gil Gamesh, the bad boy CEO of Erek Industries, a front runner in the alternative energy movement, wants Jade Scarlett, a high-priced courtesan, to do him a favor and he’s willing to blackmail her clients to get it. The job?  Seduce NK Dieux, a green activist fresh out of the mountains to east intent on forcing Gil to play clean, and convince him to quit suing Erek Industries.  Jade prefers her men sophisticated and her play kinky, but NK’s earthy nature appeals to her and she finds she can’t get enough of his animal magnetism and raw, innocent sexiness.  When she falls for him - a sin and a total no no for a courtesan with a full client list and busy calendar - she’ll have to confess why she’s there and hope she can find a way to have NK, revenge on Gil, and a clean conscience where the environment is concerned. The epic of Gilgamesh and the taming of Enkidu turns Steamy!

Out Now: Little Miss Dynamite & Other Naughty Tales By J. Troy Seate

If you like your erotica hot, spicy, and just-plain great, you have to check out J. Troy Seate's new collection from Sizzler: Little Miss Dynamite & Other Naughty Tales!

J. Troy Seate's stories are "riddled with subplots ... suspense, surprises, and unexpected twists ... spellbinding." -- C.L. Carnley, Publisher and Editor, The Dark Krypt. You will find yourself held spellbound too in this mesmerizing collection of Seate's one-of-a-kind erotica, from the title story through smoking hot tales like "Trick or Treat," "Hot Cheeks on Horseback," "Swing Time," and more. You can work up a sweat without visiting the gym and heat up the long cold nights with J. Troy Seate's very naughty tales. His erotic fiction wins him new fans every time it appears in many anthologies. Here is your chance for a big helping in one convenient ebook. 

Out Now: Times Square Cutie By Mykola Dementiuk

Sizzler is proud to announce a new book by the award-winning author, and really nice guy, Mykola (Mick) Dementiuk: Times Square Cutie.  We highly recommend this title and this fantastic writer!

Lambda Award winner for Best Bisexual Fiction's masterpiece of Bi-Noir! Bad boy Billy is a cutie – and he loves it. Women and men want him – and he wants them. In fact, Billy's gender is a bit fluid too. He's a boy when he's with his lover Rebecca; and a girl when crossdressed in the arms of a hunky man. Truth is Billy's so hot – he's to die for. And before tonight is over, several will. A chance meeting with Rebecca leads to not-so-bright Billy agreeing to help her steal money from her rich older lover. Discovering his dead body, the two make away with his money. Possession of all that money makes Billy horny and he begins to make love to Rebecca. But as they finish, two of Billy's less savory male friends come by and soon Billy and Rebecca switch partners, each going off with one of the men. When Billy's two friends discover his ill-gotten loot, it leads to a moment of horrific violence. And only one will walk away to tell the tale. An unforgettable novella from the author of Holy Communion, Times Queer, and Variety: The Spice of Life. Cover art: Jade.

Calls For Submissions: Sizzler Intoxication!

Next year, Sizzler/Intoxication (, the romantic erotica imprint of Sizzler Editions will issue four very special anthologies, under the editorship of romantic erotica author Sascha Illyvich.

Each anthology will center around a distinctive theme: such as Valentine's Day or the love that can flame between two lonely cowboys.

Each anthology will contain four novellas of hot, passionate and very erotic romance.

Terms: Securing license of English electronic and paper rights, royalties are 27% of the retail price of any ebook versioin and 10% of the retail price of any paperback edition (said royalties are to be apportioned in the following manner: 33.33% to the Editor (Sascha Illyvich) and 66.67% to be divided in four equal shares by the Authors or 16.66% each) of the anthology. One year after publication date of the original ebook version of each anthology, each story in the anthology shall also be released as an individual ebook. All the royalties from said individual release shall go to the Author of that story.

Stories of quality, not deemed the right fit for an anthology may still be offered contracts for individual or another anthology publication.

Sizzler/Intoxications is seeking hot Valentine's Day stories [Title TBA]!
Stories must take place on or revolve around Valentine’s Day and feature romance that finds its release in physical expression,
Deadline for Submissions: December 1.
Release date: Jan. 15, 2011

Sizzler Intoxications seeks tales of Romantic Bondage [Title TBA]!
Tied up, heart twisted in knots over that special dom or sub?  Show us!  Give us a great story of romance in bondage!
Deadline for Submissions: Feb 15, 2011
Release date: May 15, 2011

Sizzler/Intoxications seeks sweaty stories of Male-Male Rangeland Romance [Title TBA]!
When two sexy cowhands ride the range half naked in the sun together and they are of a kindred spirit, they are just naturally going to fall in love with each other. Give us contemporary or historical stories of cowboys who go for other boys, face conflict from within or without or both, make incendiary love, and reach a happy pasture in the resolution of the story.
Deadline for Submissions: June 1, 2011.
Release date: August 1, 2011

Sizzler/Intoxications seeks hot tales of Winter Holiday Romance [Title TBA]!
Hanukah, Christmas, Winter Solstice ... we don't care as long as it’s a winter holiday that has deep meaning to you. Give us sexy stories of love begun, thwarted, or reborn at that "wonderful time of the year."
Deadline for Submissions: August 15, 2011.
Release date: October 15, 2011

These anthologies are open to all types of stories including glbt, bondage, suspense, historical, science fiction, paranormal, multicultural, and fantasy, as long as the story meets the above guidelines.

Since 1999, Sizzler Editions has been a pioneer in ebook publishing, presenting exciting new works from talented, contemporary authors of erotic fiction as well as classic works from the masters of the past. Sizzler Editions and Sizzler/Intoxications are erotic imprint of Renaissance E-Books, Inc.

Send synopsis and first 5,000 words to

Sascha Illyvich

Out Now: Shop Stud & Other Tales Of Gay Male Lust By Laura Antoniou (Writing As Christopher Morgan)

If you talk about gay erotica you have to talk about the groundbreaking work of Laura Antoniou.  Here is Laura at her finest with a hard-hitting and sexually-charged collection of wonderful queer erotica: Shop Stud & Other Tales Of Gay Male Lust!

Short stories best suited for one-handed reading. Here's a collection of stories, drawn from a wide range of gay male publications, ranging from rough and ready tales of manly brutality to vignettes of homage to the masculine body. Christopher Morgan, the well-known author of some of the hottest male-male erotica ever to grace the pages of a 'zine or anthology, comes out of the closet at last! Christopher is really Laura Antoniou, author of the very popular Marketplace series of erotic novels and editor of the Leatherwomen anthologies. The author says, "I wrote them thinking of men at work and at rest – for powerful masters of destiny and eager bottom-boys who were desperate to be taken. I wrote them for magazines, under another name, because that's the business I work in. Now, they can be recognized as mine, gathered together, my own collection of hot men and their adventures." 

Out Now: Dirty Filthy Lovely - Dark Erotica By Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Here's a very special treat for connoisseurs of erotica: a brand new collection by a true luminary, Marilyn Jaye Lewis!  You will not be disappointed by Dirty Filthy Lovely!

Visit the darker side of the sexual psyche of this award winning author of erotica! Many of the stories in this collection, the author says "are about working out my psychological-sexual identity ... brief visits to the darker side of my psyche: "Asleep in the Dream of Life" is a story about a young woman's detached obsession with rape fantasies; "'Til Death" paints a lonely picture of a woman facing the onset of middle-age after her husband has been executed for murder; "Ribbon of Darkness" is about a young woman's search for her biological father and how her obsession with him parallels her BDSM binges; even the underlying rape elements of "Necessary to her Good", where the young woman,  Elisa, agrees to participate willingly in a staged gang rape to not only please her lover but also to satisfy her curious and terrifying longings is – while also a love story – indeed a darker look at pleasure. Not all the stories collected here reflect my demons, though.  Some of the stories are actually playful ("The Epicures"), or just plain erotic for the sake of being erotic ("After Hours"), but as has been my conviction since my career as a storyteller began, I have tried to tell engaging stories above all else.  In that, I sincerely hope I have succeeded." Smashwords raves that Marilyn Jaye Lewis' "characters are memorable, their struggles believable, and their interactions [hold] interest until the very end." Cover art: Joel Wideman 

Out Now: The Dancer By N. T. Morley

If you like your erotica to be passionately kinky then look no further that Sizzler's new book by the best-selling N. T. Morley: The Dancer!

Submissive Melody, a gifted but impoverished dance student, answers a newspaper advertisement and finds herself stripping at a high-class gentlemen's club. Once she surrenders herself to the patrons' wandering hands, she attracts the attention and approval of her sexy and domineering employer, Ryan Girard. Hearing rumors that Ryan runs an exclusive - and lucrative - party for women of Melody's persuasions and the men who love to corrupt them, she presents herself to Ryan and requests that he train her. Ryan does exactly that, first taking Melody for himself and thereafter employing her as a "cage dancer" at the Ballet, his private upstairs club for guests willing to pay for the privilege of enjoying a young submissive like Melody. But when Melody's dance teacher, Jason, attends the Ballet with his wife, Risa, the young dancer soon discovers that not all of her submissive fantasies can be lived safely - and some that can be experienced might have been better left as fantasies. Before Melody's sojourn at the ultra-exclusive Ballet ends, she will discover that her own hunger for kinky submission runs deeper than she thought - and that Ryan Girard's parties can provide a tempting but treacherous path to the most profound forms of decadence... 

Out Now: Breeding Stock By Melissa Harlow

Sizzler is excited to present Melissa Harlow's brand new, and totally outrageous, new book: Breeding Stock!

Breeding Stock is Melissa Harlow's most controversial novel so far. It tells the story of a colony of survivors after a virus wipes out most of the population, and 'Drea Zelleck wants to make it back home to find the first and only man she ever loved, Jackson Burgess. Jackson is alive, but his life has changed since 'Drea left. Once a farmer, he now runs a colony of survivors where the women are kept in cells as breeding stock, in the hopes of repopulating. Kidnapped from a bus by Jackson's second in command, 'Drea finds herself unexpectedly attracted to the sexually controlling and demanding Bennett. Taken at gunpoint to the colony, she learns that she is expected to be 'bred" to each of the men there. Jackson is still in love with the girl who grew up next door, but the willful, defiant woman she's become responds with such submission to Bennett's commanding ways that Jackson finds he doesn't mind sharing her with him. Now the question is, can he and Bennett keep her from the rest of the colony, or is 'Drea destined to be colony breeding stock? The author says Breeding Stock "is a little different than most of my stories thus far. I'd say maybe a little more extreme than what I usually write." 

Out Now: 10,000 Bedrooms - Chronicles Of Sex In Suburbia By R. Greco

It doesn't get much better than this!  If you like your erotica extra-spicy and extra-wonderful be sure and check out the acclaimed R. Greco's brand new collection, 10,000 Bedrooms: Chronicles Of Sex In Suburbia.

"When I see Mr. Jones (not his real name) at our local Quick Check buying his 2% I can't help but wonder if Mrs. Jones (not her real name) isn't home waiting for her hubby's inevitable return, dressed in head-to-toe latex, a riding crop poised in her softly manicured hand. I imagine just what it is the perpetually bored high-school girls of my block are really doing plugged-in every night to their computer screens. I ruminate over the couple we all call 'grandpa and grandpa', living at the end of our block ever since any of us can remember; what do they whisper to one another at night snuggled deep in their bed?" 10,000 Bedrooms is about what goes on behind closed doors, in the tens of thousands of houses and apartments that carpet the suburban landscape. This unique book is neither a memoir, a short story collection, nor a novel. Instead, it is a fictionalized memoir, combining these popular genres in an unforgettale work of erotica. As the author writes, "The people you will meet are composites of those folks I have lived, loved and played with through my entire life. And although the chapters exist as distinct short stories, The book you are about to read is a 'themed' collection; characters 'reappear' in reference and in person and the neighborhood they all walk, play and love through you will come to know well. Maybe it is a neighborhood a bit like yours. God knows; it's a lot like mine." By the author of Daddy's "Little Miss."  

Out Now: Mistress Kitty - Tales Of Love, Romance And Male Slavery By Sascha Illyvich

Sizzler is extremely proud to announce the release of a brand new book by the critically acclaimed and best-selling author Sascha Illyvich: Mistress Kitty - Tales Of Love, Romance And Male Slavery!

The stories that laumched Sascha Illyvich's career as a master of BDSM erotica. Follow the adventures of Miss Kitty and her submissive, Trent, through humiliation, punishment, training and on straight through to ecstasy. This powerful collection, available for the first time in a deade, includes such Kitty and Trent tales as So Help Me, Mistress!, Sex Swing, School Marm, Trust, A Sensual Seduction, Playtime, Spanking Trent, Just Who's in Control, Anyway?, and more than a dozen other contemporary classics. "A Powerful Look at Female Domination!" That's how Sensual Reviews describes the work of Sascha Illyvich 

Out Now: Daphne's Scandalous Confessions by Richard Raoul Packwood

We are very excited to announce the publication of Richard Raoul Packwood wonderful, and wonderfully hot, Daphne's Scandalous Confessions

Innocent, gently-bred Daphne Fairhope should never have looked into the forbidden journal of Victorian Erotica she found in her grandfather's trunk. Especially not while her saucy new French maid, Solange, was massaging Daphne's nipples with lotion.  It was a hot day in the Old South during the early 1930s. To while away the time, Daphne dipped into the leather covered old volume. Soon a new world, one she had never dreamed existed, had been revealed to the young belle. And what she read about, she had to try. Thus begins Daphne's odyssey of the senses, as she explored all the delights of sex as described by the highly-refined minds of the great Victorian eroticists. Nor is Daphne the only one affected. Her readings and their aftermath sets off a chain-reaction of sensuality throughout her household. There is what happens to Alphonse in the balcony of the local bijoux when he sniffs laughing gas with an amorous young man of his acquaintance during the climactic scene of C. B. DeMille's epic production of Sign of the Cross. Yet, as Daphne samples the delights of the local men and women, she finds herself being perversely drawn toward the captivity of bondage and the pain of the whip.  And then there is Solange and Cousin… But read the book for yourself. Based on the purported text of the surviving copy of the book's sole edition, 200 copies printed privately in 1935 by the author, who later burned the other 199 copies, Daphne's Scandalous Confessions  is an  homage to Victorian erotica that discovers unique parallels between that society and the upper class gentility of the South in the early 1930s.

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Characters and Plots By David Jewell

Here's a wonderful, and very informative, article by Sizzler's David Jewell - author of many best sellers like Poppy's Punishment, Sun And Submission Enslaving Mr. Right, and The Enslavement Of Dallas.

Characters and Plots
David Jewell 

When my publisher Jean Marie Stine asked me to write about how I come up with my characters and plots, I thought it would it be simple to explain.  But it turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought.

There were a lot of things happening that I just never sat down to think about.

First of all, I love to write.  I am passionate about writing.  My mind is always whirling with ideas.  I do a lot thinking about story lines while I take long walks.  It is usually during these times that ideas for characters and twists to plots begin to emerge into my consciousness.  It is interesting as to how ideas just pop into my mind.  It is very cool when I finally decide on the basic plot and characters for my next book.

I love watching people.  I guess it?s a carryover from police work.  People are fascinating to watch.  I look for interesting body features, facial expressions, personalities and other things that are out of the ordinary or are extraordinary.  I will weave these traits into the descriptions and personality of my characters.  I often recall interesting people from my work on the streets and will use them as a basis for my characters as well.  So I find myself always watching for something new that I can incorporate into my characters.

I love talking to people and discovering what makes them tick.  There are some very interesting people out there with interesting lives and experiences.  By listening to them, I have a lot of a raw material to draw on for the development of my characters and making them unique and interesting.

I try and make my characters real with real needs and desires.  With a degree in counseling, I tend to get into the mind of the character.  I find that to be fascinating and motivational as I write.  I want my characters to be believable, to have emotions and struggles as they learn about themselves.  I try to put myself in their shoes so I can describe what is going on inside of them.  How do I do that.  I go where the action is and experiment.  For me, there is no substitute for real life experiences and learning from others in the alternative lifestyle of bdsm.  You might just as well have fun doing your research.  In addition, I just listen to people as they describe their life experiences - the good, the bad, the unusual and the exciting.

It is all good material that I can use.  In this way, I can mix the traits of several people together and made one unique character that will give life to the story and suit my needs as to developing and moving the plot along.

Plots are always fun to come up with and develop.  I usually find one by keeping my ears and eyes as to what is going on around me.  There is all kind of drama being played out in the malls, at restaurants and social gatherings.  I see the spoiled wife interacting with her husband, the exhibitionist liking the attention her body can get her, the meek man afraid to go after what he longs for, the confident man getting exactly what he wants, the stress between couples and the loving relationships.  Then I wonder what would the husband really want to do with his spoiled wife?   What is the exhibitionist really looking for--love, or an escape from boredom?  What is that meek man so afraid of going after?  What is the confident trying to prove?  How could that couple reduce their stress?  How will that loving couple keep it hot and fulfilling?  The plots are there.  The key for me is find a twist that will engage the reader as these people go about searching for what they want or think they want.  Is that spoiled wife asking to be disciplined as she tests the patience of her husband?  Is that exhibitionist afraid of commitment or needing firm direction as to boundaries?  Is the meek man really a sexual tiger waiting to pounce on devour it prey?  Does that loving couple need some kink in their life.  I think of the needs of these ordinary people and how to satisfy them in ways that are anything but ordinary.  And so the plot thickens.

As I begin, I have some thoughts as to where I want to the story to go.  That is I can see my desired outcome of the story.  Now the fun part begins.  I add my imagination to the mix.  As I allow my characters to express their own personalities, I let them help me tell the story.  As a result, twists and unexpected turns show up as these characters reflect their unique personalities and desires within.  Hopefully, my readers enjoyed my stories as much as I enjoy creating them.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Listen to The How To Sell Erotica Panel!

If you're interested in writing erotica for fun or, yes, even money, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn all there is to learn about creating sexually explicit stories, dealing with editors and publishers, how to bring sex and sensuality to life in your work, plus all kinds of tips and tricks, and much, much more!

The panelists at this entertaining and informative event were:
  • Donna George Storey, a writing and book promotion columnist.
  • Blake C. Aarens, who writes award-winning erotic fiction.
  • M. Christian, writer and anthologist who has sold over 300 short stories, five novels and edited over two dozen anthologies.
  • Gina de Vries, whose fiction, journalism, memoir, and smut have appeared in dozens of anthologies.
  • Jean Marie Stine, author, former magazine editor, and publisher of the erotic ebook pioneer Sizzler Editions.

Topics discussed by these respected erotic professionals include:
  • How did you sell the first story you got paid for?
  • What elements make an erotic story sell?
  • What are the easiest markets to break into?
  • How do you dream up sexy story ideas and sexy scenes?
  • What's the right amount of sex in a sexy story?
  • Is it possible to write convincing stories for sexual orientations and interests beyond your own? If not, why not? And if so, how do you do it?
  • What Internet resources for writers of erotica would you recommend?
  • Any thoughts on how to get along well with editors and publishers? Do's? Don't's?
  • Have you ever experienced negative reviews or criticism from fans? If so, how do you deal with it?
  • Have you ever sold the same story more than once? If so, what is the most times you have ever sold one story?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Out Now: DEMON, A Lesbian Horror Novelette by TRESART L. SIOUX

Just in time for Halloween - a sexy, scary, great new read from  Tresart L. Sioux: Demon!
Lesbians, strippers, serial killers, demons, true love, and broken promises - and all in a single novelette. Only TreSart L. Sioux could have conceived and written this dazzling tour-de-force! 

Out Now: SHOW BUSINESS KIDS by C. K. Ralston

Sizzler is pleased to announce the publication of another fantastic book by C. K. Ralston: Show Business Kids!

Those Sexy, Sinful, Spellbinding Show Business Kids - Their Lives are Not Only Wilder than You Dream - They are Wilder than You Can Dream! Contains a bonus Sneak Preview of Ralston's ebook Educating Marlene.

Why I Write About Femme Doms

Here's a wonderful treat: an essay from Sizzler's best-selling author of Impressed and Education of a Dominatrix: K. L Melvany!

Why I Write About Femme Doms
K. L. Melvany

I had never thought carefully about why I write what I write when I write B & D tales of female dominance until I was asked by this blog whereupon it became clear there were quite a number of reasons, salient among them the ego gratification that comes with being published.

All mentally functioning humans have fantasies.  Here we’re speaking of sexual fantasies, and everyone has those, too, thus the subject matter is at hand (no pun intended) with no research required.  People write to provide information or pleasure.  Though information can be pleasurable, and pleasure informative, giving information is easy, if one has it; giving pleasure is a whole other matter.

It is logical to assume if I enjoy my fantasies which I do, some others may as well, but to effectively transmit a fantasy demands careful thinking.  The characters may be sometimes naked, but the fantasy must be always clothed with sets, furniture, props, costumes, makeup, and of course, dialogue.   It’s an entire production that must be conceived and packaged into black marks on white ground for transmittal to another mind.

I make certain assumptions based on no evidence whatsoever about my readers: readers of any sort of erotica are predominantly men, of which it seems from the number of titles available, the overwhelming majority are interested in women being subjugated.  This is not my trip, so it is the minds of that minute segment of readership that remains to which I attempt to cater.  I’ve not been sexually subjugated, but fantasies have advantages over reality; not only may actions unlikely in real life occur, but settings and costumes can be opulent at no cost.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Sizzler is proud to announce the publication of In A Stranger's Hands by the best-selling author N.T. Morley!

A brand new collection of firey tales of dominant men and the women who submit to them, by the author of the bestselling The Dungeon Trilogy. Only N. T. Morley, the premier writer of bdsm erotica of our age, could have penned these pulse-pounding stories. Included are Marked by Her Master, Tess Needs a Spanking, I'm Going to Grab Your Hair, Managed Care, Pictures of J, and more. Cover art: Joel Wideman.


Sizzler is proud to announce the publication of a wonderful new erotic romance by the award-winning Marilyn Jaye Lewis: New Orleans Nights!

Evie had two problems. She was about to turn twenty-one and inherit the DuMaret fortune from her mother, which would make her one of the richest and most sought after women in New Orleans, and her father wanted to control every aspect of her life as he already did her inheritance, he even had a husband all picked out for her, the son of another wealthy Big Easy family. She had a third problem when she met Lucas Cain. Cain was drop-dead gorgeous and all her unfocused physical yearnings centered themselves around him. Before she knew it, Evie was giving her heart and her body to Lucas without reservation. But Lucas was a young man with a lifelong mission: he had come to take over her father's business, her family's fortune, the very mansion in which they live and, when he meets her, Evie, as part of the prize. As their passionate encounters continue, against the sensual seductiveness of the New Orleans' Nights and the glamorous French Quarter, Evie little guesses the revelations that lie ahead and will shatter her romantic idyl. Full of vivid imagery, enthralling characters and edge-of-the -seat twists and turns, as well as molten-hot interludes, New Orleans' Nights, is a book that erotic romance readers will enjoy and remember for years to come. With New Orleans' Nights, Marilyn Jaye Lewis shows, once again, why she is considered to be one of the best erotic writers in the world. Read New Orleans' NightsPassion and you will find yourself drawn into an sensual world that only award winning erotic novelist Marilyn Jaye Lewis could create. Cover: Laura Givens. A Sizzler/Intoxication erotic romance.

Sizzler Editions Adult eBooks - Recent Release Recap

Sizzler Editions Adult eBooks Summer 2010